My name is Deb Judd and I live in Avondale, with my husband Struan and our adorable little scamp of a dog called Mollycooking.

I am passionate about literacy and science as children love exploring and working out theories on how the world around them works. We do lots of reading and experimenting!

I provide personalised learning programmes for each child based on their individual needs and interests. We have a rich learning environment providing all sorts of learning opportunities such as blocks, playdough, dolls, dress-ups, cars, trains, painting, drawing and crafts.

I also provide Montessori inspired activities for the children to engage with and explore.


We spend as much time as possible outdoors playing in the garden or in nearby parks. We usually grow vegetables in summer, which we enjoy using in our cooking and baking activities. We also attend group outings such as Mainly Music and story time at the library so that the children experience being around larger groups of children.


We form strong friendships and have lots of fun together.